Thanks to its simple yet deep gameplay, blackjack has always been one of the most popular table games and also one of the main reasons for casino visits. However, it’s only now that we can all appreciate blackjack’s charms in their full form, as the game is always at our fingertips, ready to be played on our smartphones and tablets with no compromises.

Why Go Mobile?

Put simply, blackjack seems to be the ideal companion for players that like to enjoy their games in the comfort of their sofas or on the go – and there’s more than one reason for that. First and foremost, blackjack is the ideal game to just pick up and play – you already know the rules, you can adjust the stakes according to what you’re comfortable with, and the simple controls are ideal for touch screens of all shapes and sizes. Gone are the hassles of having to find a casino room, exchange real money for chips, and keep track of everything that’s going on – the mobile experience is slick and modern, just as you’d like it to be.
Secondly, the technology has finally caught up with the demand and there just aren’t any compromises when it comes to comparing mobile versions with their larger and oftentimes clunkier brothers. Thirdly, you can access the timeless classic wherever you go and whenever you want without long loading screens. Finally, some of the more generous online casinos out there, including our favourite 888 Casino, offer exclusive promotions and bonuses for players that decide to go mobile.

Where to Play?

Quite a lot of online casinos offer online blackjack nowadays, but we can heartily recommend Royal Vegas Casino, which offers an almost unparalleled mobile functionality, and Rich Casino, which is the ideal casino for US players looking for action.
Some online casinos, like the popular and excellent 888 Casino, will even allow you to enjoy the full blackjack casino experience by bringing you straight to the heart of the action with its mobile live casino. If the virtual cards seem a bit boring, you’ll definitely love the realistic setting and atmosphere of an online live casino!

How to Play?

There are usually two possible ways of enjoying real money blackjack on your mobile device. You can either use the website of the online casino in the most straightforward way and play exactly like you would on your computer or you can go for an even more enhanced experience and download a standalone app for your smartphone or tablet.
Usually, the primary difference between the two is the ease of use and we’d therefore definitely recommend going down the app route whenever possible, as you’re going to get the more optimized experience that way, with more polish and controls that will always be completely hassle-free. Some online casinos, like the aforementioned 888 Casino, even offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for their mobile facilities, making the entire deal even sweeter.

Summing Up

If you haven’t given blackjack a go yet on your phone or tablet, then you should wait no further – a splendid gaming experience is waiting for you at your fingertips. This classic casino game has never been more accessible and enjoyable, as the worry of having to keep track of everything in a real casino is gone, just as is the hassle of having to sit in front of a large computer screen.
And, if you’ve already played mobile blackjack, why not give live real money blackjack a spin on your tablet as well? With real dealers and real cards, you’re going to get the full casino experience without the hassle of having to put a suit on!