American players looking for some real money online casino action have always had it rather tough, with the legislation and other issues hindering their access to their favorite games. Thankfully, there seem to be some positive signs popping up nowadays, but we are yet to see dramatic changes being implemented. Nonetheless, it should be very easy for US players to find a great online casino in 2016 – read on to learn more.

The US Issues

If some of what we’ve said sounded a bit gloomy, you can cheer up – even with all these hassles and bothers, there are a lot of ways for American players to play at various online casinos. Even though the golden days of US online casinos seem to be a thing of the past and the controversial UIGEA is still very much in force, it isn’t all that hard to play at some of the best online casinos out there.
Basically, the piece of legislation that everyone’s concerned about, the UIGEA, is all about financial transactions, not about online casinos or playing at them. It has brought harder deposits and withdrawals, but it certainly hasn’t prevented online casinos from continuing to run their businesses.
In fact, it seems to us that many online casinos are now trying to expand their services into the United States once again, especially given all the signs of the legislative situation changing in at least a few states. Once something moves – even by an inch – you can be sure that we’re going to see a new revolution on the American online casino gaming scene.

What to Consider

The main thing to consider when finding a suitable US-friendly online casino are the payment methods you can use to deposit and withdraw money. It isn’t that hard if you find a good online casino, as it’s usually possible to use the most popular credit cards and services like American Express, MoneyGram, and Western Union. It’s not as great as what players elsewhere can use, but it works – and that’s what counts the most.
Withdrawals can sometimes be slightly more complicated and you’ll likely be asked to verify your identity by providing a copy of photo ID and sometimes even a couple of other documents, but things should be a breeze after the online casino verifies your account. The methods that you should look for in order to get a quick withdrawal are MoneyGram and Western Union.
Naturally, all this comes with a certain issue of trustworthiness, so we can’t really recommend registering with online casinos that haven’t been in the business for at least a few years. That way, the chances of you not getting your money will be absolutely minimal – after all, online casinos that turn out to be not completely honest usually don’t last very long.

Our Top Pick

So, which online casino checks most of the boxes and provides the best services for American players looking for some real money action? Well, let us point you toward Rich Casino, which can undoubtedly become the ideal one stop shop for every single American player.
First and foremost, it is incredibly friendly toward American players, offering a nice selection of deposit and withdrawal options, including American Express, so you should never have any issues getting your money in and out. As we’ve already mentioned, this is the key to choosing the right US-friendly casino – and Rich Casino does deliver on this front.
Of course, this is all backed by a very nice selection of slot games and table games, including numerous variations of the classics like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, which means that you’ll keep coming back for more. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of bonuses and other promotions, we are happy to say that Rich Casino is going to make your stay sweeter with a number of generous offers, which also include a VIP Club for the most loyal of players. If you’re looking for a great US-friendly casino, you’ve just found one!